Friday, May 6, 2011

A New Collection?

Salam Gorgeous Hijabis!

Alhamdullillah, all praises to Allah!

Most of our collections are running out of stocks. Only a few pieces of it are left. But if you are still interested,do drop a line in our comment box to check for available items of your choice, ya?.

And Masya Allah, we also realize that there we are being visited by many fellow hijabis from all over the world. Gorgeous hijabis from US, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Egypt and Singapore, you know who you are! Thank you very much for visiting and in case you are wondering, YES, we do ship internationally. Do drop us a line at and we shall be able to quote you the price of the item(s) that you are interested in as well as the shipping cost.

And a good news! We are soooooooooo excited to help you becoming fashionable yet faithful muslimah;  we've decided to start planning for a new collection soon!

-A 'lil hint-

Picture sweet looking pastel colour Jasmine Big Cool Sleeves Jubah...

Stay tune ya

Take care,

Diba J

Monday, May 2, 2011

Measurement Guide

Salam Gorgeous Ladies!

First of all, let us thank all of you for all the good wishes and support that we have been getting since the launching of our collection. Alhamdullillah, it has been great and thank you so much, to those who have followed us, we feel so good to be a part of your life!

Insyaallah we will work harder to present good collections to help you look good as a faithful yet fashionable muslimah.

To make your shopping experiences smoother, kindly refer to the measurement guide below before you place your order,ya?

Thanks a lot.

Diba J

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Alunan Long Skirts and Sofea Clutch Bags

Salam all.
The office collection presented by Diba J. We fell in love with the long skirt at first sight! These long skirts come in 4 different colours- dark brown, mocha, black and white.We name it Alunan as it has some waves of similar shade at the bottom of the skirt. Very nice twist to an especially  mundane long skirt :)

The clutch bags (which are sooooo cool to be brought to meetings as it could nicely carry A4 size documents as well as your ipad) also come with long sling which is also good for quick lunch takeaway queues :)

Alunan Long Skirts-RM 79.00
Sofea Clutch Bag-RM 37.00

Alunan Dark Brown Long Skirt (Size S/M/L)
Sofea Brown Clutch Bag

Alunan Mocha Long Skirt (Size S/M/L)
Sofea Cream Clutch Bag

Alunan Black Long Skirt (Size S/M/L)
Sofea Ivory Clutch Bag

Alunan White Long Skirt (Size S/M/L)
Sofea Pink Clutch Bag

Sofea Black Clutch Bag

Sofea Camel Clutch Bag

Jahara Veil and Aishah Hijab

Salam all.

Introducing our first collection of Jahara Veil and Aishah Hijab. Both are very exclusive and special in their own ways.

Jahara Veil is very much like the well known Dato'Siti-style head cover. It comes in 2 shades of plum and black. Made of chiffon fabric, the upscale-pink colour-famous boutique is selling it (plain without beading) for RM 100.00 per piece. At Diba J, we know that looking good, stylish, and gorgeous doesn't mean burning a hole in your pocket, so please check on the pricing below. You'll be very surprised!

Meanwhile, Aishah Hijab is also well known as the Syria-style. At last, we manage to cater to many muslimahs who are longing for hijabs which truly cover the chest. It comes in shade of black with many beautiful faux diamond at the front bottom, on top of the head, as well as on the back side.

Most importantly, both collections are very cooling to wear (we have Malaysian weather in mind while choosing for the materials!). Check out these two beautiful collections!

Jahara Veil - RM68.00
Aishah Hijab - RM29.00

Jahara Veil in Plum

Jahara Veil in Black

Aishah Hijab(Outer Only)

Sharmaine Puffy Sleeves Jubah

Salam all.

This collection of Sharmaine Puffy Sleeves Jubah has a very up to date design. And because the curvy lines on both front and back side of it, it gives an impression of a slender body. Again, nice for weekend outings but presentable enough for Jumaat office wear.
Sharmaine Puffy Sleeves Brown Body Jubah - RM129.90
Sharmaine Puffy Sleeves Grey Body Jubah - RM 129.90
Sharmaine Puffy Sleeves Brown Body Jubah

Sharmaine Puffy Sleeves Grey Body Jubah

Jasmine Big Cool Sleeves Jubah

Salam all.
Jasmine Big Cool Sleeves Jubah comes in beautiful brown-grey-red shades and big cool sleeves. This design is laid back enough for weekend outings and also presentable enough for the Jumaat office outfit.

Jasmine Brown Body Jubah - RM 129.90
Jasmine Grey Body Jubah - RM 129.90
Jasmine Red Body Jubah - RM 129.90

Jasmine Brown Body Jubah

Jasmine Red Body Jubah

Jasmine Grey Body Jubah

Janna Long Kaftan Jubah

Salam all.
This collection of Janna Long Kaftan Jubah was handpicked by our own model as the most comfortable and cooling of all. It has very nice white embroidery sewn under the chest.With 2 shades of dark red and navy blue, it has 2 strings attached inside so that you could tie it up (without being visible to others) and this kaftan will look nicely fitted (as if it is tailor made for you!).

We realllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy love this ones !
Janna Dark Red Long Kaftan Jubah - RM 129.90
Janna Navy Blue Long Kaftan Jubah - RM 129.90

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Birth of Diba J

We are extremely pleased to announce that a new exciting hijabi-friendly stylish boutique is going to be launched soon. 

Renovation is in progress. Stay tune or follow this blogshop for more updates.

Take care.

Diba J